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Privacy policy

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In order to stay informed about the latest events in our company, follow the news on our website, and in case of any questions feel free to contact us.


Mihatrans d.o.o


The primary activity of the company Mihatrans d.o.o is the performance of road transport in the country and abroad and mediation in transport operations in transport. We own about twenty trucks and have refrigerators (2 cooling modes with Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, semi-trailer for double stock), tanks for transporting milk, oil and wine (ATP certificate), silo tanks for transporting dusty products, trailers for transporting live poultry and tractors with a semi-trailer for transporting grain, sand or gravel. All our vehicles in the system are Web Eye tracking which allows us to see their position at any time.


In addition to the transport service, we also perform construction work. The works we perform include works on both new (new construction) and existing facilities (reconstructions, repairs, maintenance and adaptations) and include various spectrums of activity, and our construction prices are adjusted to each client based on his overall requirements when working on construction, designing and equipping the facility.

Mihatrans d.o.o
Mihatrans d.o.o


We specialize in winter and summer maintenance of roads, unclassified roads, horticultural works and landslide remediation. As part of the maintenance and protection of public roads, the company Mihatrans d.o.o. performs specialized works of regular and extraordinary maintenance: supervision, patrol and inspection of roads; cleaning of pavements and repairs of damage to asphalt, concrete or other surfaces, maintenance of roads and buildings in winter conditions - snow clearing, sprinkling of roads with salt and other materials.


In addition to all the above construction works, we also perform works on civil engineering structures (roads, storm and sewage, water supply and other infrastructure facilities). We also offer the service of selling and installing concrete with a car pump, and we perform all types of asphalt works on the reconstruction of roads, sidewalks and roads. Our vision is to provide and offer our clients the best solutions for their individual projects and meet all the requirements that are placed before us.

Mihatrans d.o.o