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The EU is investing € 2 billion in transport projects

The EU is supporting economic recovery in all member states by injecting nearly 2.2 billion euros into 140 key transport projects. These projects will help build the necessary transport links across the continent, support sustainable transport and create new jobs. The projects will receive funding through CEF – (Connecting Europe Facility), European Union grant projects to support pan-European transport infrastructure.

With this budget, the EU will achieve its climate goals set out in the European Green Agreement. There is a very strong emphasis on projects that strengthen railways, including cross-border connections and connections with ports and airports. Inland waterway transport has been strengthened through larger capacities and better multimodal connections to the road and rail network. In the maritime sector, priority is given to projects on shorter routes based on alternative fuels and the installation of shore-side power supplies for ports to reduce emissions from anchored ships.

EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean said:

“The € 2.2 billion contribution to this key transport infrastructure will help kick-start the recovery, and we expect it to generate € 5 billion in investment. The type of projects we invest in range from inland waterways to multimodal connections, from alternative fuels to massive rail infrastructure. CEF is one of our main instruments in creating a crisis-resistant transport system – vital both now and in the long run. “