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TiL 2020 was held – the first logistics conference this fall

On October 6, the 7th Business Conference “Transport and Logistics of Southeast Europe and the Danube Region – TIL 2020” was held in Kombak Hall (ex Dom Sindikata) in Belgrade, under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.

The conference brought together about 100 participants and 15 lecturers, experts in the field of logistics and transport who exchanged experiences through presentations, panel discussions and B2B meetings in order to find optimal business priorities for the development of multimodal transport infrastructure in the Western Balkans.

How did you manage? How did you do business? Were you ready to manage a new situation, existing or new management tools? How much did the crown cost? What can be defined as expansion? How much has the market changed, what are the plans and solutions…? “These are just some of the questions that companies tried to answer at the 7th TIL 2020 Business Conference.”

During the conference day, participants followed 15 presentations, of which we will look at 3, and you can watch the complete conference day on video.

Nemanja Zivanovic, director of DPT (Dry Ports Terminals) and Sanja Djurisic, director of “Luka Dunav” Pancevo talked about mutual cooperation and the decision to make a joint project – a trimodal container terminal. Nemanja Živanović presented to the participants DPT, the only trimodal container terminal in the Danube Port, Pančevo, which provides its customers with transport by 3 modes of transport – river, rail and road.

Vuk Perović, Director of the Port Management Agency, spoke on the topic of freight and passenger transport on rivers in the Republic of Serbia, in which he analyzed the flows of the type and amount of cargo in order to help logistics in further planning their work.